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Hi, why is there a 10 number above the symbol of the spell in the game?
I believe it's how many turns it lasts.
I have a halfling character and whenever I use a melee attack I'm inflicted with bane. Anyone know why?
I have a tiefling character and the same thing happens
I have a Githyanki Eldritch Knight - Same thing happens with me
Check your gloves. I had a pair of green gloves that inflict bane on the wearer if they don't have the mark of the absolute.
Every attack from my main causes her to gain Bane. Why? Glitch?
Are you wearing a pair of gloves you looted from a Goblin? Examine them... ;)
I thought it was a cursed necklace. I was wrong about the necklace but guess I was right about a cursed cursed. Don’t know why I didn’t check the gloves. Don’t you need the spell identify to find out about an items powers? Old D&D board player here.
If you have the gloves of power or w.e its called the flavor text says you need the absolutes mark so you get afflicted with bane as well
Bad spell, use blessing instead. Bane takes spell slot and has to go through saving throws, plus takes concentration slot. Hit or miss type of spell. While blessing gives reverse effect on your party members without any saving throws.
Seems the most asked question here is: Why does my character have bane everytime I use a weapon?