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gyobu oniwa cant die :)
I understand why they did it and I am fine with the corrupted monk fight being patched, but I wish they still let us get a single stealth strike on O'rin because I feel that, that fight is still challenging enough even with half the health
I usually just run across the bridge near that area because she will follow you there but than try to get back to the area you're suppose to fight her and you can just hit her in the back the entire time
Heavy button lag with the newer updates up to 5 seconds and sometimes doubles up button pressing making a game about timing impossible to enjoy.
button lagging need patched /fixed
saved data and still become corrupted after crash even after this update trust me!
Matsumo is hard
I played the game before the patches and left off at max vitality, and 70 damage. This game in my opinion should be hard. It should make you want to grind, and spend the time progressing Wolf. I just jumped back on recently and noticed the patches in game play. I like fighting the bosses head up and these patches in my opion were PERFECT!!!!!!!!


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I agree, I'm on ng+4 and enemies certainly begin to feel weaker and easier to kill,
not everyone is a jobless nolife like you
Jin? Who’s Jin? Wrong game lmao!
Jin? Who’s Jin? Wrong game lmao