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Dang that comic about her and Alva going on adventure together is still a good one. They even already banged each other lmao
Desert Pyromancer Zoey, the incel slayer
She even has two simps by her side
Pushed her off with roughly 10% health left and she lived. The knights also didn't attack her.
Probably fell on a pile of ash. Which is basically everything on the dreg heap.
Funny story. Two of my friends and I were on co-op at the swamp and after she rolled into a corner, we all ganged up on her. I basically dropped my controller cuz we were laughing too much after that
Seriously died more times to her than demon prince
Was about to kill her then she jumped off the cliff into the swamp.

As a final **** you she drank her estus and made me wait for her sorry *** to die of poison.
I just wanted some milk, now she wants to burn me and whip me good : )
How can edit the page I want to add that she aldo casts great combustion


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I think you need an account to edit any of the wiki's
I really wonder, why is she hostile? But then again, the same can be asked about a whole bunch of other human NPC enemies and invaders.