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Name 1 other game where space is run and you can't even change it.....
you can you idiot
Alternatively, if you're like me and use keyboard but not mouse for the Dark Souls series, you can use weapon arts by: 1) Two-handing the weapon (right hand) 2) Tapping your LEFT-HAND WEAPON STRONG ATTACK KEY 3) Profit.
My camera Just look left and right but i cant look down and up whit PC controller, i open the settings and i cange the y look on but nothing sorry i dont speak english Just a lite bit
left Alt + F double hand the off hand item
Incorrect, simply holding F can double hand the offhand item
This is actually pretty damn useful when considering how there is a lack of help in the game for a keyboard user...



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my mom left me
Same bro
Thank You! i had so much trouble with the controls as a PC player, and a noob to the DS series starting on 3