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Why in the mechanics it says alatreon lol
You would know if you had actually read it. You first have to have discovered Alatreon to get the quest line. Secondly, you have to defeat a weaker one before going off to fight Fatalis
Weakness exploit 3, max might 5, critical eye 7 and affinity augment 3. Tada, you got your 100 affinity back (if you go for weak spots).
Better use agitator 7 and 3pc safi than max might
thats is too much affinity boosting skills IMO, even its a critical hit, your damage might be low
little tip i found is fatalis has a wide range aoe (not his one shot) if you don't have time to clutch claw on him to or get out of the way to avoid the attack you can use the broken pillars and hide behind those also after fatalis is done he will leave lava underneath his chin which will explode. Thats the best tip I got for now



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In multiplayer, another player blocking in front will also create a cone shaped area behind him/her that is safe.
Can someone confirm whether or not Fatalis scales for solo play?
yes, it scales
This is extreme behemoth over again, impossible with randoms =(
Already died 20 times and counting...


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Yep, but now with this guy I am the one dying a lot just like everyone else. I am usually pretty good at dodging and such considering I use SW but with this guy he hits no matter where you are and it is hard, very hard.
Bro, I did extreme Behemoth four times with randoms.

I don't know if I was lucky, or if you were unlucky...
depends, personally this one can be solo'd, and I haven't successfully solo'd extremoth due to its pin attacks on 3rd phase
Needed 17 days for Behemoth (normal) with randoms. Until I joined a team of 3 longsword players and they just slaughtered that thing. Finaly...
Use dragon pods to make him flinch, it takes 2 shots
or use a slinger burst instead for 1 shot
Is there a purpose in him flinching? He does that all the time when I fight him. But it lasts maybe 2secs. The time I land on the ground to get ready for another attack. He could aswell fire breath or fly around. >_>
So with this update I can no longer play the game (ps4). I just get never ending loading screens. I made it to Seliana once but then it froze when going to the armoury. Am I alone?
Sorry I meant from gathering hub to armoury
On what device do you play?
Crap, I only just noticed I didn’t read you were on ps4. Sorry dude. But that aside, I really don’t know what could be the problem. I also play on ps4, and I’m doing fine.
Is your harddrive maybe full? You need to leave a bit of space or else the system will slow down. Try to delete games you don't play atm and then see if it has any effect.
so my question is how much HP does fatalis have when he reaches his final form and can i only break the head when he is in that form and any other tips in his final for would be much appreciated
I think he changes when he has around 30% left. I don't know about the head. I feel like i broke the head before the switch.
You can break the head whenever and make it a priority. Weakens his fire when he powers up at the 50% health mark, when you got put the barrier up
so, do you guys like fatalis? or he is just as trash as alatreon?


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It is a tough fight but a fair one, not really any gimmicks this go around.
He isn't. No stupid DPS check and you're totally free on which weapon to use... Well, if you can kill it, of course, lol.
I managed to kill it, it was an epic battle. No weapon will help you against him, it's completely balanced to literally crush you regardless of the weapon you use. I screamed like hell when I won. Man, how many years have passed since the last time I yelled "YES!!!" after winning...
I think both of them are amazing and require a good player to beat them ps the dps check was not bad
fight is challenging and fair, and I get to learn how to dodge while using i-frames. I'd say it's pretty good
I guess all is fair when its the final boss...
Managed him today in 15:23 min. Run was almost perfect until he got a lucky shot on me on the last 1000hp he had. -_- Then I rfinished him with the mobile ballista. A bit anticlimactic but the time is my absolute record so far.
Fatalis now totally lives up to all of his lore. I couldn’t be more happy. Even going as far as showing that he does in fact melt hunters and then smears them on his scales. Absolutely amazing. This is what the God of all Monster should be like. The most fearsome, powerful and most impactful monster in the world of Monster Hunter. Congratulations Capcom, you guys made this old legend worthy of being the final achievement. Thank you so much.
Capcom would be proud of themselves when they see your comment
but Fatalis couldn't even melt Excitable A lister lmao
you underestimate the power of plot armor mate