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The biggest downside is that annoying recast sound whenever you gain/lose a buff from any of your rings, especially either pontiff eye rings
Just use splintering bolts to "cancel" the protection, if your opponent is low health. If 2 shards hit him, he's dead. Very efficient because no one with tears of denial expect to lose their tears so easily.
I love losing fights I should have won thanks fromsoft
You're so salty it hilarious. It's a real game mechanic. If you didnt win you didnt win.
12:59 anon, the reason this miracles is annoying to me is the low Faith requirement. It is a decently balanced miracle but then you realize most people can use it within the first hour of the game.
Lmao It's not like it revives someone with full HP. They literally get 1 HP. Find ways around it and git gud.
this spell is the only reason throwing knifes are useful
Interestingly, the sound effect this spell makes when being applied/revealed is the same sound effect used when Gehrman, the First Hunter uses his big Moonlight AOE attack in phase 2. It may be useless data but it's interesting at the very least.
Old Man Limit? Is that you?
OP here, no, but I am a fan haha
the "i got no balls" miracle
i poin tdown anybody using it
Required for all glass cannons who aren't absolute Gods at dodging
if you use this spell in pvp then you already know that you are garbage at this game and going to die
Sounds like someone just sucks *** at the game. A throwing knife or thorns armor is not hard at all to use. Get over it.
thorn armor seems bugged, maybe bc of the lag, coz when i roll on someone with 1hp left (and he's not rolling ofc) it shows the damage but he doesnt dies 2/3 of the time
They might be using some sort of passive HP regeneration
i hate this. probably the worst thing in the game. losing a fight that you actually won bc of this dumb sh t is annoying af. it makes it even harder to win against ganks coz you cant finish them. seeing people roll and roll and roll until you finish them is ridiculous. you lost, just die already.
Easiest way to handle, throwing knives and bombs. You know they have it active when you see that glowing orb so plan for it.
What we have here is the perfect example of a ****ing strength build dumbass
Equip a piece of armor of thorns and roll into the enemy
If that person manages to make a comback and kill you with 1 hp they goddamn deserve it. And if that person is part of a gank, then black crystal out. Complaining on the wiki won't make you feel better, not will it get people's sympathy. Not for this anyway.