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So, I don't have ps+ but I had obtained 4 of these in the DLC (3 from NPC drops and one from valtr surviving through the ludwig fight), and I knew you needed 5 to get valtr's helmet or whatever, and I also knew I could get my fifth from summoning valtr for laurence and having him survive that too, which was my plan, but then he died when I had almost killed laurence. I actually considered just intentionally dying too to try again but laurence had been giving me such a headache at that point I just said screw it and killed him to be done with it. Any way to get that fifth vermin without online?
Just get online this your best bet.
Thank you for the advice, get online to get Vermin without going online
Dude just kill valtr and get the helm
I had like 16 of these for some reason and never knew what they were used for and literally never went back to bucket head. Literally just crushed them in front of him a bit ago. I talked to him after crushing each one. Spoiler? Kinda. Found myself fighting a somewhat easy hunter at the lamp near bucket head. But I’m assuming he killed the good old bucket head man.. poor bucket head
Let us cleanse these foul streets.
I will make a coop build named vermin supreme. What's a good headpiece that looks like a boot?
If you can get the hat from the one guy in forbidden woods.. he has a covenant but I don’t remember his name.. looks like a boot either way.
Still playing bloodborne in 2020....anyone need coop just comment ur ps4 name and i gotcha. ps4 name:God_of_Rapture
emgeezy PS4 Stuck on Laurence NG+
Just started playing again tumlovesbeer. Could use help with martyr log
2020 is such a great year to play Bloodborne. No better than any other year. Its just that all years a great to play Bloodborne in. Also feel free to add LokiTheNerdyst if anybody wants to co op.
Greyskull137. Could use help ascending the astral clock tower. Doing a low stats bloodtinge run.
r/huntersbell is a subreddit you can find many hunters willing to co-op, be sure to stop by
ID: Sevastier
What's your level though...? Danielson_40000. (That's 4 zeros...)
Alex-airpods lol weird name ok but I’m new
My name is sendnudesboi, sry for weird name that is the only thing I could think of
If you invade and the beckoner is some tard camping at the lamp with 2 coop buttbois or pulls some other scrub stunts, use this on his corpse immediately after you've killed him. As sweet as victory is, the contempt that gesture communicates makes it even sweeter.
How long you must be waiting to invade someone LOLOL
Remember respect
Imagine being so toxic coop play inferiates you.
Calm down hitler, some of us can talk to girls without wanting to shoot up a school.
These really should give at least +1% to co op hp & stack at least 3x. That way they AND the co op rune are worth a damn.
2% more health can make difference between death in 2 hits and death in 3 hits.
Also if you have 2% more hp your blood vials healing also increases since they scale with your health.

Also in single player this rune allows you to use more AI phantoms. For example Henry wont be availiable in forbidden woods without this rune.


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Still down to play co op in 2020, if anybody is down msg me on psn : OhItsChavez
Hey my psn is JaiPlatinum and I could use some assistance haha.
This why I play as a girl, so I could see my character crush these little things barefoot.



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Hmmm... Okay. I play as a female Arcane character because I'm sexually attracted to cauliflower squids. ****... Cauliflower gets me so hot.