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can someone help me in cainhurst doing a level 10 run and cant beat boss
need a cooperator to kill the 2 shark giants in fishing hamlet
try using shaman's bone blade on one of them
getting the rakuyo eh?
Where can I find the sinister hintertomb chalice ?
it doesn't exist
burial BLAD
If someone needs help with any boss or to just play co-op in general hit me up Im lvl 220 psn: WhiteBoysMCML
Hey I would really appreciate it if you would like to help me out with Bloodborne & just play Co-op in general. My PSN is: CrescentRose1001 (there may be another zero in there, i don't remember how many there was, on the top of my head)
What type of builded is best for the saw clever
No. Saw cleaver is for a mix STR/SKI. Like 30 STR and 20 SKI.


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i am new to the game and was just exploring hunting beasts, when i come accross old yharnam. I accepted the warnings as a challenge, and made my way killing all enemies in my way when suddenly the guy shoots me. What the heck dude. I make my way to him and he turns to be a tough foe, strong with the force he is. But then found out i could push em off !! Easy kill. Right afterwards i come here and find out i could've been his friend and he has a soft spot for beasts and he aint such a bad dude.


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If anyone needs help with any part of the game except gehrman , send me a message
PSN kratosahmadreza
I need help with Gehrman