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Never used this skill. 2 AP is simply too much. Range is way too small, u have to practically be completely surrounded by enemies/friends in order for this to be maybe worth it.
Yeah, that's exactly when you use it. Use teleport + nether swap to stack enemies, then move in for your AoE combo. Thick of the Fight -> Adrenaline + Whirlwind -> Reset cooldowns with Skin Graft -> Adrenaline + Whirlwind again -> Battle Stomp. That combo is a total of 9 AP, which you can get if you start the turn with 5 and use Adrenaline twice. Hell you can get a LOT more AP than that with Flesh Sacrifice (elf racial), Time Warp (Fane ability) and Executioner (talent). That's just one example of a super combo. There's lots of others.
CRAZY powerful when conbined with earthquake or really any mass area attack, this skill is meant to be (literally) used when you are surrounded by enemies, Ive gotten a +60 % increase from testing it . of course this was done on lone wolf the ap cost may not be as worth it when you play in a group.
I don’t understand why people hate this skill so much. Use it all the time in my melee run, almost never have less than 5 chars around me, 50% dmg boost for basically 3 attacks, I’m seriously perplexed why this is so hated on