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t r i g g e r e d . . .
Kushala is piss easy with the Raging Brachydios Great sword... When I fought it i thought i was fighting HR Kushala but I was actually fight MR Kushala. XD
Compared to orher Elder Dragons Kushala has much less health to compensate for the god-awful fight. If you manage to hit it with high numbers consecutively, you’ll kill it much sooner. Despite its appearance, its actually something of a glass cannon... if a cannon can fly, that is... or create a wind-aura to flinch and or push back everyone trying to damage it.
Probably the most annoying creature in the game, spamming tornadoes, blocking attacks and flying all the time makes it harder for players with blade weapons to reach it
Once you get to master rank, I would have to say namielle is far more annoying in terms of attacks and how often she uses them.
Namielle is a cake-walk compared to monsters like Rajang and Zinogre.
So... I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but you can actually cancel that wind aura by blinding Kushala with a flash-pod. Of course, Master Rank monsters gain much faster resistance against it if used to often, but its still something that helped me through every Kushala hunt. Using it sparingly of course. I discovered this when I fought AT Kushala Daora back in High Rank. I’m not sure if this always does the trick (in fact; if you use it to much it won’t do anything anymore), but please let me know if this was helpful.
he is pretty annoying with wind aura but I actually found him okay. With his tornado's following you I s pretty annoying also but it lasts for like 5 seconds
This mother****er is such a abomination of game design that it actually got me looking online to see if I could find out who designed it so I could send them a personalised '**** you' message. Seriously, I dont get how a person could be so damaged. The fight is so badly designed that the only way they could make it 'more difficult' for master rank was to utterly gut the one reliable way of fighting it; flash bombing the ****er into the dirt. Because Crapcom screwed up so badly designing the fight, they decide to punish players for their own ineptitude and give us this attricity. And given how terrible literally all the Elder Dragon fights are, the fact that this one can stand out so much is a testament to how bad it is. So yeah; **** Kushala Daora, **** the guy who made it and **** Crapcom for bringing it back.
Bro, Kushala is an annoying fight, we all agree. You just don’t have to be so angry about it, man. In both design and concept, Kushala is amazing. But its a terrible fight with bad mechanics. Look, I love this game and I really like all of its lore. And I choose to love it. But its just a game when it comes down to the point. And you don’t have to be so triggered about it. There are ways to counter this beast and defeat it easily. I’d suggest you look up these tips, for your sake. Come back when you’ve grown up. Btw, I’ve only just read your entire comment. And I have to say that you’re even more of a child than I first thought. Jesus Christ man, calm the f*ck down.
dude, he isn't that bad if you learn him. calm the f*ck down and learn how to hunt
Recently fought It on the quest for the affinity booster + plus and I dropped midquest because I couldn't stand It anymore, it's ridiculous
Aqua shot stickies are your friend :)
He is part shrimp.
And part sexy dancing spider
And part insane screaming pigeon.
Takes some getting used to, flash pod spam for non iceborne hunts and he is no trouble. You wall slam him in mr repeatedly , just bring a rock steady or temporal. He can be wall slammed twice in a row, he won’t enrage right away as long as your damage isn’t too extreme and you minimize pressing circle( too much will enrage). He also derages faster and enters yellow more easily. If you want to fight him fairly, use elder seal or dragon pod to weaken his power. Use a ranged weapon or clutch spam his wings( unless he flies through his own whirl wind, you’ll be surprised how often you can successfully clutch him, most of his air attacks are safe)
even with the stormslinger still too much trouble for what its worth