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Wtf 13 deco slots ,this set is new meta now
Speed Runner and Gunlance main will praise this set a lot lmao
How did one Brachydios just change the meta? All that aside, can anyone imagine what Alatreon's armor will be like after having this?
New safi aqua shot has sticky ammo. Just sayin. Slap on some slugger and you will stun more than a hammer.
I like that i can comfortably run resistance on this armor. 20 elem defence gives blight resist which is handy. Since most elemental attacks from monsters are ranged it really tanks a lot of damage as a melee hunter. You can get 20 on all elements if you run defence decos as well
uuuuuuuh... Yes.
In terms of just looks and how cool it is I have to go with the beta because it has more slime and it shines more and I also like that our eyes when we wear it because it glows. In terms of skills I would choose the alpha but the slotage on the beta is hell-a amazing so I guess tie. So overall I would choose the beta but I put 1 piece of alpha for my waist. I kinda wanted to use full beta set but the skills on the alpha are great. But since I want to look cool to I chose most of my raging Brachy set beta. I would liked the head and legs of the alpha though because the head has guard and the legs have speed sharpening, buuuuut it is already done so i'm just gonna stick with what i'm wearing now. Overall totally recommend anyone to craft this armor set or the alpha or even both! This set is so META and it can compete with Safi weapons! So what are ya waiting for? Prepare your items, bring other hunters for help, and have fun :) (you can solo him to but I mean come on you got to be really good at dodging and attacking because theres gonna be a hell a lot of slime in the fight) also felyne safeguard so you can have 4 faints.