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Being able to superman dive through the majority of her nova helps a lot.
So I understand that Lunastra's basically immune to Flash Pods, but is she also immune to Dung Pods? I slowly shot a full magazine of Dung Pods at her in the Guiding Lands and it did nothing. She wasn't enraged, wasn't even in full heat-up. Just a big stinky girl flailing around stupidly, preventing me from finishing my capture of another monster.
She is so hard to beat in my first time
I want to shake the hands of the person that designed Arch Tempered Lunastra. That said, Bomb the ***** to oblivion.
The "fan favorite"
...According to capcom
I haven't even fought him yet! Any tips?
Bring lube.
*Her. Lunastra is the female, Teostra is the male. They’re partners for life. But about fighting her... its hell. Come with Heat Guard, a ton of fire resistance and bring a water elemental weapon for good measure. She’s fierce. Good luck, dude.
I defeated Lunastra