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At the very top it shows the eluem loyce being at plus 10,even though it's a boss weapon
actually +10 makes sense
what if ur duel wielding?
two plus 5s = +10
Even more interesting, in the upgrade panel, it says plus 5
If you would know how making a page on internet works, it is much easier just type +10 in above everything...
image is absolute ***** too
Two plus fives are more dmg than a plus 10
What?? It says +5 and the image isnt that bad!
Just wanted to clarify something, the HP healing only applies to allies? Player not included??
uh...I don't think it applies can't hit yourself
Very late reply, but, yes, the healing applies to the player, as well. Just note that it takes about 10% of the weapon's total durability to perform. Overall, it is probably the best sword for a Dex/Fth build.
Blades of Mercy anyone?
Love this blade. The fact that the Ivory King trusted it to the most beloved person in his world and that it bears the name of the land makes me thing that it was like a charm to him, maybe this sword was a reminiscent of some event or someone in Forossa that changed his life.
A hoonter must hoont
reddit *
Type that again without crying


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If you give Alsanna the 50 Loyce souls to get her soul and the you kill her you get a 2nd one? would be really cool to dual wield this weapon.
might be a bit late for an answer, but from what i can tell, the loyce souls carry over to ng+, so you can also get her soul in ng+ without farming a second time
Is she purposing to the protagonist to be her new king.