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Love this axe
very versatile weapon - good normal atk for area, good strong atk for single target, recovery is relatively short


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yup. One of my fav axe ever :)
guys! add raw to it and it will make 320 dmg
This axe creates ds2 easy mode, easily obtainable, upgraded with normal titanite, high damage, low stat requirements, and can last you through the entire game, even to the final boss!
I used it in NG+ too


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Better than the Bandi Axe in many ways: Longer reach, weighs a pound less, scales with Dex and Str.
Simple moveset, easily upgradeable, obtainable super early, and hits like a tube sock full of pennies. 10/10 would recommend.
I'm more of a double-caestus sort of Warrior, but this thing has my vote for "best back-up weapon" award.
Beat the game with this bad-boy fully upgraded. Good for pvp as a few hits stuns the opponents.
It Infuses to 196 physical and 196 elemental at +10.