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This used with hidden body will trivialize any speed run. Ultra useful if you're doing the NG++ run for the slabs, rings and boss souls only.
always be able to run behind an ennemy even touching his back, but not now, sometimes they aggro :(
all my silver knights cheese is random now. more fun in a way xD
the ring does not work when two handing a larer weapon such as a great sword of curved greatsword idk if this is intended or not
You don't need to buy Hidden Body to get the ring, just the listed 4 that he has from the start.
Use this with carthus milk ring, become the invisible rolling ninja. This with hidden body is crazy good for pvp, it's like they don't know where u are
Ever rapidly roll with the carthus milk ring,so its as if your not even on the same plane of reality,or you just disappeared.
can someone add this info to the page? not nullifying buff sounds seems like something that should be pointed out here.

I did some testing with a friend on the slumbering dragon crest ring. Weapon buffs will still be heard around the same distance you become visible with the obscuring ring, at least for players anyway.

lightning was the easiest to hear and most likely to stand out
fire was hardest to hear and could be mistaken for ambient fire easily

kinda ruins obscuring ring and slumbering dragoncrest ring backstab tactics if you can't buff without risking the other person hearing you
For anyone having trouble getting the ring and the gesture: it is not enough to have the sorceries in your inventory, you need to buy them from him in a single playthrough.
i dont think you can get the ring through this method anymore... i bought everything and all i got was the young dragon ring.
Try talking to him a second time. He has another few lines of dialog if you've already gotten the Young Dragon Ring.
Worked like a charm, talking again gives this ring and a gesture
Ok I give you one what's your address