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one of the best weapons in the game.
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I love how there is a thanos meme in the comments, implying that the game isn't entirely abandoned.
Dark Souls is one of few masterpieces, and widely considered one of the greatest games of all time. It's never going to be abandoned.
Games don't have expiration dates, you useless mutt.
how do you kill centipede? you need another weapon right? and any suggestions for that?
Try something without fire damage if you can’t get that then hope soldier can do it or farm humanity to get shortcut from daughters of chaos
I turned the soul into Chaos Blade. And they called me a madman...
Is this sword any good against four kings in new game plus? I’ve tried everything and am having no luck
Be super aggressive. I was able to (barely) take them down with a +5 cursed greatsword of Artorias, and +3 brass armor. I had about 15-16 estus remaining when I reached the boss. Just keep smacking away at each king as soon as they appear.
Lmao, just equip Havel's set stand near them, they're swords can't do*****.
Use green blossom and power within and you should be fine provided you stay close. Ideally use Havel's set and just poise all the hilt bashes so you can go berserk without a care in the world.
Another thing, I'd suggest resetting the fight if one of the kings fires the homing projectile. It hits like a truck and you'll lose a lot of time if you run around trying to avoid it. This fight is a dps race so cooperation from the boss is key.
Full havels Leo ring and fap ring with any dps sword
Leo ring and FaP? Good luck trying that in the Abyss.
Fully upgraded Dragon Tooth, a medium armor and havel's ring do the job.
Why does it deal so much fire damage yet doesn’t scale with faith and intelligence
You’re new to the franchise huh. Fire/pyromancy doesn’t scale with faith or intel bud. Welcome
New to dark souls 1 maybe, chaos weapons and the Pyro glove do scale with int/faith in dark souls 3.
welcome to lordran, the place you not need fire keeper to up souls level
Chaos weapons in DS1 only scale with humanity unlike how it is in DS3.
How come this sword got fire trails effects while greatlord gs doesn't gotta one? thx from soft very uncool
Because this is a better weapon with more style points
My go to sword!!!
Push a defeated humanoid body up against a wall with your feet and try the [Forward + R1] backflip. You will send the body flying backwards overhead.