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stop turning me into a fricking shish kebab you frick
One thing i've found helpful against her is that, true to her name, she moves and attacks on rhythm with her leitmotif. So if you understand music, you can match her pretty easily
Just finished her on on first sl1 run. I ran no armor, +7 deep broadsword, +3 light crossbow, grass shield, chloranthy ring, flynns ring, and sword and shield ring. Think my estus was 9 at +3. Beat her down to phase 2, pillar peak and smack her on her longer cooldowns till she was real low on hp, then ran from one pillar to the other on the same side of the room to give me time to line up shots with the crossbow, 3 hits later and this 2 day ordeal is over. Not ashamed of my tactics lol!
First phase is easy, yes. but when she pulls out the second sword she constantly attacks without stopping. I can do nothing about it. I watched every f*cking video and guide but there is no way to kill this thing.
honestly bro, just turn lock on off it made it so much easier to see the hits coming hope this helps.
also in second phase you gotta stick right next to dancer to dodge more easily
honestly just tank it,my advice is for first phase to just attack mercilessly and roll away if you get hit and heal with this you can save estus for second phase.If you are so spooked of second phase then just bait out certaint attacks and then run
i don't think she's a bad boss, not in the slightest... but god damn do i hate her. she's just one of those bosses that i simply don't "get" and probably never will, even after all this time. princes are another one. the teleports really **** with my timings and the camera is insufferable. don't like lorian in the slightest.
This boss has weird timings.
Thank you Dark Souls