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How to make a good area 101: 1. Add enemies 2. Add more enemies 3. Add more ranged enemies that are impossible to hit with a melee weapon 4. Put a reused boss at the end, but this time with two shot attacks, somehow worse hitboxes, and a metric ****ton of health
Wow, they really struggled to make dlc optional areas fun and fair, huh? First an area with infinitely respawning enemies, Petrification: the area, and iron cluster****, where you get 4 times the ganks in 1/4 the area size. And to add insult to injury, all the bosses are lazily designed or straight up reused bosses. It's like they had a quota for how much content they had to add, ran out of time and decided to make these lazy excuses for fun.
This area is a ****ing joke. Literally nothing of value unless you want a blue sword instead of a red one. How people praise the DLC in this game is beyond me. Miyazaki barely had a hand in it because he was working on Bloodborne and it shows.
I mean, this dlc had Fume Knight and Alonne so two outta three on the boss scale I’m giving the dlc a C-
SOTFS: If you throw a Alluring skull on the first prison cell before pulling the lever, the inmates will not rush out like crazy and you can run trough. Just watch the Fireballs , dodging is recommended. Praise the Sun!
This is pure hell
The funniest part of this area is the mages who are out of range and cast spells that weight you and make you fat roll so you can't even rush through the area :D
Reused boss, reused assents, Gank of enemies, definitely worth the time