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Why? No. Lord Gwyn help these people. You messed up the build. You don't need intelligence. You should have your faith at 40 to make dmb worth it. This isn't ds1. You need higher faith for dmb to be good. She doesn't use anything but a talisman, rapier, and a parrying dagger. Get the build right or don't make it at all.


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When you make a build and you're happy about it so you show people online but get ripped apart because you're 'not getting it right'.
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Well, since you're going to rip him for getting it wrong, I'd just like to point out that she uses an estoc, not a rapier. Gtfo.
The Sunless Talisman scales with Int and Faith.
Why Gotthard Twin Swords!??!!??!?!? WHY?!
Why Tears of Denial?
Did she ever use that? I doubt it. I really do.

Also why the ***** only 20 attunement and so much vitality?
If you want a more male Darkmoon knight consider using the greatsword of judgement