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Pontiff's Space Program Machine (this is all could come up with lol, sorry)
Was this orginally a ceremonial sword of Lothric? There is a statue of Prince Lothric holding this sword in the High Wall
Actually, that might be Sulyvahn himself. He was, after all, the First Scholar of the Archives, and a mentor to Lothric.

He was younger back then, of course, and not the pontiff.
Space program owns all other stomps... Show offy fire is just that but love it... Got bored so I only use boss soul weps now.. they favor quality
i'm in looooove
For low and mid-level duals (As in, lvl 20 and lvl 50ish respectively) this actually outpaces almost every other UGS; or is so close that it doesn't matter. Add in some free fire damage it's pretty darn usable; despite pvp weapon tier lists putting it pretty low.

Remember to unlock against better players, use the weapon art to tank into a hit and deal pretty massive damage, keep a side arm for mixups; I make mine Simple to recharge the WA mana if the pvp is running long.
Lorian's Greatsword >
How is this for PVE? I'm considering swapping away Yhorm's Great Machete for this monstrosity.
I wonder how this thing is with 60 str and 60 dex
On my first playthrough and I ****ing love this thing, you have a Stomp AND a fire effect that does insane damage and knocks over most enemies, it looks cool as hell, haven't done too much PvP but when I get summoned it does well at punishing those guys who start running and panic chugging.