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Also pretty much any vendor you murder drops ashes.
Killing her in Untended Graves shrine doesn't affect the one in Firelink, nor does it seem to have any consequences. But she won't respawn in Untended Graves again.
It will increase prices for you with the shrine lady
I couldn't trigger her dialogue when I met the other her
thank god she respawns accidentally pressed r1 and killed her, i insta alt + f4d but idk if that did anything
I sold her most of my spells and I don't know how/where to get them back.
Try NG+ and use your noggin next time
even if you are a warrior spells can be useful.
Didnt see it listed here. But the handmaiden should have some "hidden" special dialogue. If you don't talk to her before you meet her in the unintended graves she should say something different when you meet her there,
F*CK! I decided to wipe the keyboard when was listening to her talking in Untended Graves and accidentally pressed Ctrl, with the dagger in the left hand. F*cking hell, game autosaved instantly and now there is no way to revert this.
get rekt
Gracious. Passing fine *** thou'st given.