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I found an interesting thing: If u ripost twice with dagger (with exactly 206 AP, u need 14 strength, 27 dexterity and +7 dagger) phase 2 triggers but he won't clone himself for a while, so u can parry easily 3rd time (as in the first phase) and kill him. Any other dmg amount will brake this "glitch(?)".
"I'll stop combo-ing when I want to stop, *****."
You need not be an end-game sorcerer to beat him. Search for 'Dark Souls 3 Intelligence kills Pontiff Sulyvahn' on youtube and you'll see!
Parry the platypus
Ohh, Ponty. I really have to thank you. I've never played a Soulsborne game so I made it up to here at 90% weight with a lothric knight set, great shield, and irithyll sword, fat rolling my way through everything. And you gave me a right spanking for that. But you made this game click for me. After dying over and over again, I thought beating you was impossible. I would try to block but you would drain my stamina in two hits before landing the third. But after accidentally dodging an entire combo from you before killing me, it was as if a light shone from the heavens. I unequipped the lothric knight armor and donned the herald armor. I put away the shield (seriously, do shields help with any boss?). And you fell on my first try against the new me. You helped me develop a strat that made Gael and Nameless a cakewalk. The world of Dark Souls may call you a tyrant. But you are the one who showed me the light. (PS: Ditch the loser clone. All he does is stand behind me and obscure the camera).
A shield is only good for one boss. Oceiros. Just cause that boss is super annoying. Especially on playthrough #384 where you just want to get past his incredibly dull boss fight. A greatshield shuts his **** down. Parry shields are good for a few bosses. Anyway congrats, dude. I just beat him on my first sl1 run using a +6 weapon. Surprisingly only took like 8 or 9 attempts.


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Love you too my guy, it was a blast watching you learn.
I changed my build to sorcerer cuz this **** boss
Shielding occasionally saved my life against Midir, given how hard he hits and my low investment in Vigor.
eventually, everyone will reach a point in this game where they will have to choose between fighting pontiff or the dancer in order to progress further into the game, and honestly, i've defeated the dancer before pontiff back when i was doing my first playthrough, because he was being a real pain to defeat, if it was not already enough being fast, leaping at you from a mile of distance and dodging your spells, having weapons with not only one but two elemental damage types (therefore being unable to fully block the damage) and draining your stamina with a few hits, and also roll-catching you no matter how perfectly you time your dodges (which reminds me of dancer btw), but no, having it all was not enough, he had to summon a frickin clone that is nearly as OP as himself (only being less OP because the clone dies easily)... yes, he is probably the first REALLY difficult boss of this game after all, but hey, here's a tip: grab your shield of wish, and the highest damage ultra greatsword you have with you, and then just lock on, spin around him while blocking, and smash his 4ss like a b*tch, treat him like a true b*tch and don't give him mercy, because he has not given you any mercy whatsoever
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For sorcerers: you do not need high-end spells to beat him! Google 'Intelligence kills Pontiff Sulyvahn' to see the easiest way to beat him early on