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I was using barbed straight sword +10 does he even bleed?
He does. A Blood infused Bandit's Knife will make quick work of him.
Trash b team boss, last From game for me, tired of this ****ty uncompetent morons; a good boss have some weaknesses to exploit. Camera bugs, hitboxes bugs, tto much HP, too much phases. Am tired to give time to those uncomptent ****s who's still a garbage company withouit miyazaki.
Either English is not your first language or you were shaking violently when typing that comment. This boss really isnt that bad. At least with this demon you cant get stuck between his body and his weapon. Old Demon King im looking at you. The weakness that you are seeking is plain obvious. The massively telegraphed attacks should provide you with plenty of time to dodge and then punish this large creature after the attack finishes. I have about 1200-1300 hours in this game and he still gives me a little bit of trouble but not enough to get angry about. Midir is by far the most troublesome for me. I assisted my friend with a NG+8 Gael and that was a mighty triumph for him as he had tried for months to solo Gael at that level. Ive solod every boss but Midir and the Demon Prince. That friend had solod NG+8 Midir by the way. If there is one thing to take away its that you need perseverance. The more you fight something and lose the more you should learn.
git gud
Just beat them in 6 tries with only friede scythe +5. Git gud.
using a fire resistance shield helps a lot in the second phase
so, a little glitch i got while fighting this boss is after the two demons are defeated, the boss was considered beaten, just as the price resurrected. this didn't soft lock anything as i got the demon prince soul, the souls for beating them, and the fog wall was gone. Can't exactly get the bonfire, but who ever uses that one anyway?
no idea why, but once when i killed the demon from below (before demon in pain) the demon in pain became the demon prince, without any animation or model change, but it just started using it's moveset, and the health bar still appeared the same, but was taking damage like the demon prince (stayed depleted, around 10% but took a huge amount of damage to reduce it at all)
Any advice to avoid the fireball shower for a pyromancer
The best way to avoid getting hit by the fireball rain is to kill the demon from below first. Then the Demon Prince won't even do that attack.
" LOOK AGAIN " ... - Krystalmyth
absolute cancer camera that makes phase 1 nameless king look like a ****ing joke