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Oh and this is my last one sorry
RH/ Staff of Amana, Witchtree staff (for when your hollow) Espada ropiera
LH/ Witchtree bellvine,
Any spells and miracles but no hexes
Armor/Black witch domin mask, leydia white robe, dark gauntlets, dark greaves.
RINGS/ Blue clearstone +2 southern ritual +2 spell clutch, lightning clutch
Dark Dealer Warlock mask+Nahr Alma Robes+Engraved Gauntlets+Chaos Boots

Wepons: Right hand Espada Ropera(dark)
Left hand Blakc Witch's Staff

Rings: Simpletons ring+ Dark Cluth Ring+ Southern Ritual band( orGowers Ring of Protection + Flynn's Ring
Desert Sorceress Hood
Alva armor
Royal Swordsman Gauntlets
Royal Soldier Leggings
Hi.Im trying to make an otoman warrior like build, with iron parma and falchion.Any idea with the armor pieces?I don´t have any dlc unfortunately :(
I'm sorry id don't have pictures
War Torn Guardian
BUILD: any type except chunky or fat
ARMOUR: Syan Helm
Insolent Armour
Wanderer Manchets
Faraam Boots
WEAPONS: right-hand longsword and blue knight halberd on either slot
left-hand royal kite shield in 1st slot and heavy crossbow on 2nd


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My favourite look includes
Chaos Hood, Throne Defender Armor, Black Leather Gloves and the Throne Defender Leggings
With a Greatsword and Drakekeeper's Greatshield

So many pics either didnt load or were stretched WAY wrong
ok, i got something, only style tho
Spanish Conquistador
Infantry Helm
Royal Swordsman armor or Knight armor
Traveling merchant gloves
Faaram boots
Espada Ropera
Steel parma *optional*
nobody expect the spanish inquisition
I got two awesome outfits to share.

Name: Overlord
-Warlock Mask or any Helmet that is black and edgy
-Black Dragon Armor
-Smelter Demon Gauntlets
-Havel's Boots

Name: Sorceror/Sorceress
-Saint's Hood
-Dingy Robe
-Engraved Gauntlets
-Chaos Boots

did you even think the first one through? you cant have black dragon armor AND other armor sets, you use the dragon torso stone, which gives you the dragon set, but you can't change out of that