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Only possible in NG+. But get rapport. Then when you see the first one, the one by the burning tree in the undead settlement, rapport her. It is a treat seeing the entire congregation descend upon her and massacre her.
There aren’t many more ominous noises than the hollow clang of the mace echoing, but with the evangelist no where to be seen. Cathedral of the Deep with headphones on is eerie.
mmmm mommy
No trivia mention about how she is totally based on Mozgus, even in the way that she strikes you in the head with the bible?
the range of her mace are insane
haha I wish she had a sitting attack haha
I just thought it'd be funny if she sat on me haha
Fatty sit on my face and let it rip mmm...
just wondering dose anyone have any pictures of a evangelist sitting on the ashen ones face haha just asking for laughs i think that would be funny
Try thrusting
best waifu in souls cuz she hugs you
"Cum to me"