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Here is the rest if you want :

V : Foresight Influx
VI : Damage Influx
VII :Homing Salvo : A volley of mind-controlled projectiles
Found mine by completing the quest for Ozy the puppet master in port issoudun
Ozy gives Hedron of Entropy, not this one.
Ozy gives Hedron of Entropy, not this one.
What does orbit even do?
I came to ikari walkways somewhere mid game, after going sohn district first and unlocking the way with the second key card from the atrium, but without killing any of the gods. I think i only talked to ozy in the underworld, but the item at the corpse described here did not give me the hedron. I don't remember what it gave me again (probably just axion), but it was not the hedron. Can i still get it in ng+?
Isnt at ikari walkway for me on xbox one? Also some have said ozy gives u it for completing his quest, he gives u hedron of entropy.
As of last update (v358) the requirements for Hedron of Light changed and are now 10 foresight.