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I remember fighting the tauras demon and getting it's greataxe but I see no info on it here


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These are weapons that have to be crafted from a boss soul. The Demon's Greataxe is simply dropped from the Taurus Demon(s) so it doesn't belong on this list.
This exam also be dropped by the mini Taurus demons in the demon ruins so it’s not unique
wat about senchry gardion
It doesn't make any boss weapons, it just gives souls.
sanctuary guardian. your on the wiki, you could've just gone to the page to get the spelling


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Sanctuary Guardian's soul is only used for obtaining souls (12,000) and does not have a weapon you can create from it.

The Taurus Demon doesn't have a boss soul, and it's weapon, the Demon's Greataxe, is a drop chance of I believe around 5%, you can farm the Taurus Demon's in Demon Ruins for a chance to get it.
You can also buy the demon's great axe from shiva of the east for 10,000 souls.