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If you are like me and only play PvE with no soullevel cap and want to farm these guys, here are some tips. Get a Dagger with Dark Infusion and 60 in all stats. Equip slumbering dragoncrest ring, hornet ring and Silver serpent ring. Left hand shield of want right hand Dark Dagger and Medicants staff. I'm currently on NG+6 and a +9 Dark Dagger is able to twoshot them with two backstabs. Rinse and repeat and hafe fun.



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I like to use the Dark Crow Quills but still not as sexy as a dark dagger.
I love the part where he said get 60 o nnn nnn all stats like that is easy I'm on NG+ at level 125 and about to beat it but I'm grinding ascended winged knights 1st
Ah yes, I love it when my enemies turn themselves into f***ing beyblades. Jk, the knights are alright.
and i thought the regular winged knights were a pain in the ***
Farming strat- Just run half way out on the roof and run back to the top of the stairs to let them drop, rapport twinaxe, and immediate go left and get into range of solo halberd, rapport him, then backstab to death while the other two duke it out, then finish off the winner of the battle - 225k souls in under 2 minutes NG+1
They aren't hard at all to kill, farmed something like 10 million souls on these big bois. Just fight them melee, at range, or right up backstab them.
Wouldn't Rapport be easier?