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I think s pretty useful for casters that want an "all or nothing" approach. By definition of a caster build, they have low health and/or defense/absorption, so why not to take advantage of your low hp with something that rewards your perseverance at your final moments? That extra damage might save you from time to time.
Let the voice of love, take you higher
What a beautiful duwang
crazy noisy bizarre town
Made a bleed build so I made sure to bring Orbeck back to firelink. Brought him there, killed him for the ashes only to realize I didn’t talk to Yuria first. I hate this game sometimes
Doesn't look like that was the game's fault to me.
Why hate the game for your own mistakes ?

The killing of Orbeck is a contract Yuria asks you to fulfill, if you kill him before the contract is made why should she even reward you ?
Wow you guys sound fun at parties.
This weapon design is based on the ***** of a cat or chimpanzee. Yuria was a zoologist in her human life.
This Sword always reminds me of The lord of the rings. Mainly because it wounds similar to Moria (The mines of Moria to be exact) and the description saying it resembles the towers of the black church reminds me of the two towers of Sauron. Anyone else?
Sounds, not wounds. Why isn't there a way to correct comments?
The Notre Dame cathedral spire is what it is.
oh boi oh boi glass canon here we go
If I cast Sunlight Spear at full health while trading, but when the spell actually is ejected I have low health, does the buff apply?