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Where the first scarecrow is mentioned with the clippers, there is visible a body up ahead on a cliff, amongst some trees and some more scarecrows presumably trimming said trees. This body has an item to loot, a gold coin.
To be pendantic: It's Royal Wood (singular).
Well you can't be that pedantic seeing as you spelt the word wrong.
Royal Wood is what I get in the mornings.
Artorias is super fun to fight.
The directions say to turn 180 degrees instead of 90 degrees. If you were to turn 180 degrees, you'd simply be turning around instead of turning right or left.
Damn, so that's why I kept ending up back at Oolacile Sanctuary...


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" Now proceed further towards the ridged area and in the tunnel to find another corpse with a Soul of a Proud Knight. " I have searched and searched but found no tunnel.
Do not forget the item behind the small elevator on the cliff (after the stone giants).
Kinda sucks its the same as Darkroot Gatden, I would knida liked they added a little village or a secret abyss cave to make it feel a lot more distinctive, though I appreciate you fight the enemies of the Darkroot in their prime and it was nice how they make the
Kalameet fight in a place that iys usually flooded
Plz excuse my writing errors, also good to point out the magic elevators
he is so f***ing hard


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There are two holes in the stone wall of Kalameet's arena, and two corresponding holes in another stone wall in the Royal Wood, just accross the bridge where Kalameet first appears and to the righ (they can be seen from the other side of the bridge, a bit after the first elevator.

Did anyone manage to somehow drop into those? If those in the early part of the Wood lead to Kalameet's arena, they look like a potential place from where to snipe him much easier and perhaps earlier than normal.