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If a sunbro uses the red orb, is it a jolly invasion?
The Jolliest, just look at that beautiful color with a red hue.
\[T]/ \[T]/ \[T]/ \[T]/ \[T]/ \[T]/ \[T]/ praise the sun
\h/ *
Look at that, ran out of Estus getting there. Truly a dedicated sunbro.
What happen in you give more than 30 covenant object? Something change?


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nothing changes. but you get a dope new lighting bolt!
So, i was turning in 9 sunlight medals, then one additional medal later. Didn't get the sacred oath. Since then i was constantly turning in medals by defeating the dragonslayer armour with others. I tried reloading, everything. Do i need to pay EXACTLY 10medals for rank 1? Then exactly 20 for rank two? Haaalp
You get SO after 10, while younget the Great Lighting Bolt after 30. The best option is to turn in 30 to get both at the same time
reddit covenant
I find it quite curious that you get Medals from successful invasions and red signs. I love PvP, so its all good to me, but it seems way out of line when it comes to Sun Bros culture. As far as i know it at least.
Love, sunbro culture is about jolly cooperation. Do you think invaders are a miserable lot?



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I'm pretty sure I turned in 10 medals but Sacred Oath is nowhere to be found
My bad. I indeed had the spell, it was just greyed out because I didn't have 2 slots for it.
Maybe silly question but I have never interact with this covenant. Do I need to wear sunlight bro full armour and weapon when invaded for the battle ?
If you want sure, but it's not needed. Just remember to praise the sun and you'll be good
Is joining as a non-faith build considered unacceptable behavior?
The only thing that matters is your dedication to praise the sun