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Seeing as the iconic blade of the Darkwraiths is not present in DS2, could the Forlorn greatsword be its equivalent?

If you look at the design of the two, there are very distinct similarities - namely the blade's shape is /eerily/ similar, and even the hilt has a roughly similar outline. Seeing how Dark Souls seems to have a lot of repeated themes and very few things are coincidence, there might be something there.

Also notable is that if this really /is/ the equivalent of the Dark Sword, the Forlorn would probably be closely linked to Darkwraiths. They do invade you, but do we know of any other connections? I don't personally, so if anyone could fill me in on that that'd be fantastic.

Also, size seems to be a definite counter of strength and/or power in the Soulsverse; Dancer of the Boreal Valley just to name one boss is /much/ larger when you meet her in comparison to the "ghost" you can spot when nearing the Pontiff. walking down steps with a male knight. Likewise Gwyn from DS1, a god of sunlight we'd assume is vastly powerful, is met in his hollowed form - much smaller than anticipated and accompanied by a sad, sad tune.

If we take this logic, could that also apply to weapons as well? That in this time, Dark is particularly strong - manifested in the design of one of the tools most associated with it, the Dark Sword?
WTF is wrong with your keyboard lol. Hablas español, verdad?
Shh Vaatividya is telling us some sweet sweet lore.
Spoiler alert: Assets are commonly used and reused between all of From Software's titles. That loud unsettling screetch sound in Dark Souls 3 is the exact same sound effect used in Bloodborne. Why? Because it costs money to pay a voice actress for a session or an artist to render an idea into an asset. Late in the development stages, developers can and will reuse items in order to fill a need. Sometimes a graphic or sound effect was too cool to pass up for future inspiration. In the case of the Dark Sword and the associated armor set, it is clear that ideas to incorporate them into a monster that weilded both was already thought of in Ds2, but couldn't be realised until Ds3. Why? Because the PlayStation 2 restrictions on game sizes and their associated memory requirements meant a lot of things got cut short or cut altogether. There is a tremendous musical and sound difference between Ps3 era From Software titles compared to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 simply because of the hardware available then and now.
Said Ps2, meant Ps3. Another thing is that all Huge/Ultra greatsword weapons were nerfed in Dark Souls 3 to force diversity, and it probably made more sense for a monster weilding Dark Hand (a weapon from Dark Souls 1) to be using a 1 hand sword. Solution: shrink Greatsword of the Forlorn. Now fans are pleased, and iconic weapons from two previous titles land in the form of the first baddie to wear the Skeletor mask. The End.
The wrong souls
Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
It looks EXACTLY like the dark sword! Wtf?
Deepest lore....
Useless if you use without being hollow, in the pve.
How does this guy behave with mundane? Does it ignore the non hollow debuff?
It does not, makes it far worse than normal
U must ascend from darkness
It looks like a giant dark sword lol
So how do you achieve the state of "fully hollowed"? How many times do you need to die?
I saw somewhere 10 times... or just go to najka's place and stand idly in front of curse statue as long as you keep losing max hp.
I meant curse vase...
My main weapon, but with humanity restored it's better to use you fists! Really annoying, as to do a lot in the game and online you need to not be hollowed. Damn you, whoever created this!
A soul for a soul
Use ring of binding. Problem solved.
He said that you have to be human in order to invade people (and therefore loosingbrhebhollowscaling) , the ring of binding wouldn't do anything then