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Can you wear multiple of the same ring?
No. Only one even if it is +1 and +2. It is not possible
depend what you mean.
two ring with the same name and same or different level (+1,+2...) ? no
two rings with similar names and effects (young dragoncrest+belowing dragoncrest; swamp+witch, sun first born+ morn, speckled stoneplate+another stoneplate) yes, and they stack (multiplicatively)
yes, its a glitch- just press alt+f4 during any boss and quickly equip the other ring, go on, try it..
I thought all grinding was over after I farmed 30 proof of concord kept, 30 vertebra shackle and 10 human dregs for countless hours!! ... and now another 40 covenant item!! bull**** I had enough of this :(
The fastest way to hate a game is to farm useless things. Just play the game without one item or two.
then stop doing it. achievements/trophies don’t make you a better gamer/person. no one cares that you did it, only you. if it’s not fun, just stop. it is only a game after all, not real life.
I don't understand the ring of sacrife that you get from trading Loretta's Bone: i'm in my 1st playthrough (No NG+) and i've already gave Loretta's bone to Greirat. So if in my next playthrough (ng+) i've trade Loretta's bone for the ring, i'm winning the archivement anyways? Sorry for the bad english.
You can get the ring of sacrifice from multiple places, not just trading lorretas bone. From the top of my head I know you can buy one from yuria of londor
Its lore based. Its in reference to how Loretta sacrificed herself to get Greyrat out of the Undead Settlement before he got killed like she did.
the achievement isn't too difficult to get, only the wolf ring and the darkmoon is annoying.
The rest I gathered pretty fast once I got to NG3. Picking up any ring you come across beforehand helps of course.

If you wanna get every ring then do what i did, use ALT + F to use find on this page and type in each area like "Farron" or each bonfire. Don't stress and gather what this page says and unlock each area normally and gather the all the rings before going to the next.

Once you have gathered everything you'll probably come across what happen me and still don't get the achievement. that is because I missed 3 rings but have all the rings in your inventory (and no dups for easier handle) and have it sorted by default since this page is so as well. Go after each section and check off "okay I got life ring, life ring +1, +2, but not +3, ok I gotta find +3."

and that's it. I also recommend doing this with the other achievements as well (with the checking off, not going to NG3). But I recommend farming the ghrus before going to the next circle since the drop is the same but they get tougher/annoyingly tougher. Farming for the darkmoon covenant I also recommend doing before going to NG2 and not to level up to high so you might still get summoned (Good luck, worst RNG)

(Or you can go meta level, I personally got summoned more when I was meta lvl but I could've gotten lucky, got summoned four times in some hours which is worst then farming in my experience, goes for both farron covenant(didn't even get summoned once) and darkmoon covenant.).
feel free to reply with tips and strats. compliments and complains cost 5 souls each.
Yeah, the rings that you need to be part of a covenant for always annoyed me. I don’t want to bring for hours just for one ring that isn’t even good
I have them al but I don’t have the achievement? Anyone know what to do?
did u also collect all +1,+2 and +3 rings ?
I am beyond furious right now. For extra souls along the way, my oblivious *** has been selling the lower level rings for a few extra souls since NG+ because I figured they’d stack up after a while. Boy do I hate myself right now. Guess I’ve gotta go REFIND THEM ALL :))))
doesn't it remember if you've had a ring before? if not then that really sucks
You don’t need to have them all at the same time nor on a single play through, as long as they’ve been on your inventory once you’re set. Same for pyro, miracles and sorceries
Would anybody on ps4 be a dear and drop me the covenant rings I’ll give them back instantly pwease
I got two words for ya:

Git & Gud
great pain ahead