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The greatsword is no match for Shaggy.
It's the middle of may dude
dead meme, brother
Shaggy died when I tore his *** apart using this weapon, n00b.
What level DEX should I try and reach? I infused with the Heavy Gem and am currently at 25 DEX and 40 STR
For DEX? If you've put a heavy infusion in it, there shouldn't be any DEX scaling on the weapon anymore. Check it's scaling stats, the DEX category should be null. If you plan on using it for your whole playthrough, you shouldn't need to level DEX up any more unless you want to use different weapons.
Raw is bad. It would be useful, except you get the Farron coal BEFORE the sword itself. Heavy beats Raw every single time... Even a non-infused Greatsword nearly beats Raw at MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. A Greatsword with 3 points in strength higher than the minimum requirements (so 21 Strength for 2-handed, 31 strength for 1-handed) then Raw out damages by.. 1 AP. Just save your damn souls up and level strength up 4 times instead. Am I wrong? Is there a build that would rather Raw for some reason? Raw Greatsword = 211 AP Greatsword 2-handed with 19 Strength/Greatsword 1-handed with 28 strength = 204 AP Heavy Greatsword 2-handed with 19 Strength = 227 AP Heavy Greatsword 1-handed with 28 Strength = 231 AP (250 AP 2-Handed) +5 Raw Greatsword = 356 AP +5 Heavy Greatsword with 28 Strength = 362 AP (407 AP 2-Handed) +10 Raw Greatsword = 478 AP +10 Heavy Greatsword with 28 Strength = 514 AP (584 AP 2-Handed) +10 Heavy Greatsword with 50 Strength = 600 AP (632 AP 2-handed)
Thanks wiki, for taking my nicely formatted post and making it barely readable.
Lightning, crystal or dark on a 40 everything build?
if your going 40 everything go dark/chaos for multiplicative scaling
Does poorly with physical infusions?? heavy gives 676 *****in ar and you can still buff it
LOL typical STR tards looking to be owned by ultra-skilled pkcs users? WEll shhit, yOu'Ve chosen the right weapon!!
God you really like negative attention, don't you?
You've been making these comments for months, please get a life.
I main this weapon, wear heavy armor and I have Havel’s greatshield equipped in my left hand. And I can roll just as fast as a dex virgin, n00b. Soul level 400, baby! How about I shove the pointy end of this thing up your ***? A f*ggot dex virgin like yourself would probably love it!
jokes on you, regular swords dont require any skill
I bet you're just mad that someone else killed you with it's hornet ring riposte. That's what happened to me and it was badass.
Poor dumb, he just can't handle UGS users without his disgusting hornet ring and parry shield.
ultra-skilled and pkcs users, what u smoking?
I know ppl here complains about heavy infusions not being recommended on this weapon, but cathedral knight ugs puts heavy gems to better use than this one. The full potential of this weapon comes at hollow infusion, wich surpasses refined and gives you up to 700 ar while still being buffable.
I don’t care.
that's actually gross damage


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for 76 points, 66 str and 10 dex you get 622/676 ar, and buffable,

for 76 points, 28 str, 24 dex, 24(+5) luck you get 519/572 ar, and buffable,

The only time that hollow is a viable option is if you are pushing way past meta level to spank pve, and even then, of course hollow will be a good option because its now scaling with 3 stats that you can push to 99.

Even splitting levels to max str while also leveling luck, 40/10/26(+5) wont net you higher ar than heavy, heavy is the best infusion to put on this unless you are a pve noob whos pushing sl 300 to get 99/99/99
My Best weapon in this game with the fume ultra great sword,dancer's sword,fire link great sword and farron's great sword