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Why can not I find gameplay from him?
You need master rank 69 and coral region of guiding lands level 6 to meet him. I know people that already have 100 hours played in IB and still don’t have those requirements done
Because no one else is this far lol
Most people i see level up their forest and rotten area in guiding land, u can only make this guy spawn by leveling your coral area. Thats why his gameplay is still scarce
Does anyone know how many decoration slots the beta armor has? I assume each piece has the 4 slot every beta piece has, but what do the rest of the slots look like?
Silver solgreaves (beta+) = 4 slot / 2 slot / 1 slot [Slinger capacity lvl 2] Silver Solcoil (beta+) = 4 slot / 1 slot [Windproof lvl 1 / critical boost lvl 1] Silver Solbraces (beta+) = 4 slot / 2 slot [Slinger capacity lvl 3] Silver Solmail (beta+) = 4 slot [critical boost lvl 2] Silver Solhelm (beta+) = 4 slot / 3 slot [Windproof lvl 2] Set bonuses [ {2} slinger ammo secret (level 5 slinger capacity) / {4} True critical element] Total defense 820 fire 20 water -15 thunder -10 ice -10 dragon 15 Total mats Silver rathalos cortex x 24 Silver rathalos shard x 9 Silver rathalos fellwing x 9 Rath gleam x 5 Rathalos mantle x 1 Guiding coral bone x 3 Guiding coral crystal x 3 Dragonvein solidbone x 8 large wyvern gem x1
continued, for the rath gleam break the head ps. sorry for the mess up there, didn't let me space it out like I did in ms word.
Hope this doesn't happen to you, but I can't seem to get this guy to show up. Ran lvl 6 Coral with a group for like... 3 hours, fighting off monsters as we went. 9-10 kills, and it still didn't show.
He does not shpw up until rank 7, unless you have tracks for him.
He does show up at Coral level 6. I spent 12 hours today with the same issue, he is rare to say the least. I recommend getting a good Netflix or YouTube video going and just go to different areas, I just flipped between elder and Coral highlands while checking for a ??? To show up in the guiding lands
For people who want easier find with this monster. First you gotta fight it or sight it so it is "unlocked" in your monster list, and you need to pass the 69 cap so you can join others GL if they do have a spawn however it's pretty rare though still. What I did without knowing while trying to max research level on mosnters in elder recess map is that you get investigations of silver rathalos pretty easily. You do have to fight similar threat level monsters like dodogama, lavasioth, azure rathalos and etc. Collect the tracks or just simply break parts and kill the monsters that will give you investigations (random ofc). I don't think fighting elder dragons will give you silver rathalos as they probably would give your teostra, lunastra investigations and such. I've got 3 investigations of silver rathalos now that's like.. 15 hunts on this guy so good luck folks!
How in the blue hell have dodo and lavasiath have the same tier as azure and silver?..... lol
Encountered Tempered Silver Rathalos at Coral Region Level 7. Wanted to add I don't think they can be captured. They had skulls showing on my map noting they were close to dying but a trap + bomb was ineffective. Gave me 4 Decos and one being a rarity 11 so I'm sure that's always guaranteed per kill.
Can confirm its capturable
In master rank tempered monsters resist captures when enraged.
You can capture anything that isn't an elder dragon - caught a few tempered ones in guiding lands just fine.
At least rath’ doesn’t have subspecies,oh wait,IT HAS TWO!
or well, alot more, just not in World.
no, both are in world.
I'm going to get his alpha armor set before doing the rajang quest.
Nice dude! That’s so freaking cool thank you for sharing, Everyone on this wiki really needed to know that.
sorry about jerks :/ sometimes you gotta type things out. helps with motivation! hope you succeeded in getting the set
sOrRy aBoUt jErKs
This dude moves almost as fast as Lunastra and his hellfire hits as hard as B52's napalm. I'm using augmented MR Luna + hard fire res jewel + veggie + health boost 3 and the hellfire still leaves a sizable dent in the HP.