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This thing rekindled my love for Dark Souls 2. Like, look at it. When I first started Dark Souls and thought that Raw infusion and two-handed UGS was the only way to go because big big number make tiny monkey brain squirt happy chemical, I would've scoffed at this thing. Now that I know these games so well, these are now my favorite weapon in the series. I wish they were in Dark Souls 3 as well. This thing is such a blast to play around with and it has so much versatility that I'd take this over a UGS any day.
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Sure the powerstance shoot hadouken but try this thing 2handed. Every punch hits like a truck. Always loved the idea of 2handing firstweapon. It like good old star trek cpt Kirk punches. Also the roll attack is a shoruyoken or mario type jump punch that lauches the enemy hehe. This weapon is so good and does massive poise dmg. With a stonering youll stagger things for days and the moveset is varied as heck, especially since 2handing unlocks a bunch you can switch between when otherwise powerstancing. And they weigh less than most rings; i never go without a vouple on appropriate builds.
Has anyone used this with elemental infusions before? How's the damage?
Almost identical to non infused if you have high int or faith.



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IIRC last time when I tried infusions on it I ended up sticking with the uninfused path. There are some zones where i.e lightning bone fist will deal more damage, but it's negligible. Then there are the zones where the enemies are resistant to your infused element, so you'll deal subpar damage, it's not worth the hassle. Strike damage is the strongest element in most areas in the game anyway.
This weapon made me want to play Dark Souls 2.
Come on how didn't this get carried over into ds3 bruh
Right? Dark souls 3's weapon arte system BEGA for interesting weapons like this, but the closest we get is Friedes Scythe.

Or the demon fist which is disappointing as hell.
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