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how to beat dancer of the boreal valley with a +0 weapon: just use pestilent mist damn, quit being a pure-melee ***** and use some magic sometimes, makes***** way easier lol hahahahaha
lmao, true
bad attitude but true
Gnawing. End of story. Goes from being difficult to just funny.
the true boss is the arena
Cancer of the Boreal Valley
This boss is a piece of cake! For help, if you're a caster, look for 'Dark Souls 3 Intelligence kills Dancer of the Boreal Valley' on youtube!
I hated her for a long time but The Dancer has slowly but steadily become my favourite Soulsbornekiro boss fight. It's elegant and actually feels like a dance. No tantrums. Tricky but fun.

Best done before SL 40.
just dont get cucked by the stage
less of the cancer of the billsh*t valley more of the pneumonia of doodooridge
On Xbox she's the Dancer of the Lag Valley
After ng++ she’s a lot easier
If she was part of a royal family in Irythill, a place where they worship the moon, why does she drop a sunlight medal when you kill her?
She doesn’t, it might be because you had a warrior of sunlight summoned that you got the medal
She was cheating on her entire kingdom with solaire