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Tt's funny that npc invaders are able to dodge, yet npc allies don't seem to mind getting stuck in terrible boss combos and aoe-attacks. still helpful though.
Damian is by far the best since he attacks from a distance which regularly aggroes the boss, but before the boss can attack him or kill him you can attack the boss to draw the aggro back. all the melee npcs are basically diversions, so you can attack the boss from behind or the side.
Unless it was a glitch, I was indeed able to summon Alfred for Blood Staved Beast, even though i had killed Amelia


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Why no NPC Hunter Summons at all in Fishing Hamlet?
Maybe none of the hunters have gotten that far.
They're like nope, not fighting orphan again!
Hunters are forbidden to enter the hamlet after the massacre. And Brador makes sure that those who do, never get out
Brador's purpose in life appears to have become the death of any hunter who reaches the fishing hamlet, and it's quite well hidden, so I expect that the few Old Hunters who reached it ended up like Simon.
My TOP 5 Old hunters cooperators (npc summonable only): 1)Valtr 2)Henryk 3)Antal 4)Queen Killer 5)Damian (maybe not the most powerful but is suited for Ebrietas) Special mention for Gremia (Tomb Prospector), very strong and useful to "clean up" Layer 3 on Isz. I consider quite good level Madaras, Olek, Wallar, Alfred (Kirkhammer version), Henriett. Quite insignificant are Jozef, Vitus, Yamamura and Gascoigne (the only one who cannot heal himself).