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A game dev on the Steam forums said this set is hidden behind a secret wall in the Arcology some where. I searched for about 2 hours and i'm yet to find it, hopefully others have more luck!



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The set can be found at Arcology outside the Celestial Workshop. You can check the Arcology Location for a complete guide to how to find it. Its inside a hidden room, that has another secret room inside. https://hellpoint.wiki.fextralife.com/Arcology
I think there is more to it than that. I am stood at the exactly wall int hat picture and it doesn't let me interact. Maybe it has to be done at a certain time?
Likewise. I am also at the wall, and cannot interact with it. On Xbox One

walkthrough on how to get it
Yeah I knew there was more too it you need to activate the switch on the other side of the room like is shown in the video. Probably worth updating the page.


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So, I found this secret but the door will not open? What am I doing wrong? am I here to early?
there's a pillar on the opposite side of the room with a button on it, hit the button then jump the rail and run through.
once in the room head to the left, in the corner is another button wchich wil open a second door in the secret room.