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There is no ascetic roof loot after the Prowling Magus and Congregation boss.
So if i use Ascetic the place where i use it is Hard or full game get Hard mode.?
only the place. Each bonfire has its own enemies and boss (most of them)
Really wish I knew that burning one to respawn giant lord would affect all memories of ancients... Had to get all the giant souls on ng+18 difficulty in regular ng lol
So the effects of an Ascetic are only useful in one area?
Try reading the article.
Yikes maybe don't be a *****
Don't they also up the chances of invasions?


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I think not. Ive never heard of this.
There is a glitch with these where if you kill an invader and then immediately burn an ascetic (before you get an effigy) then it will perform the animation for burning, but there will be no smoke and nothing will actually happen, but your ascetic still gets used up. Happened to me after I killed Gully outside the hidden bonfire next to the Rotten and immediately burnt one. (Xbox One)
What happens if you use the bonfire ascetic from your inventory, rather than burn it to the bonfire?
You cant?
Does using these raise the health of a boss? Because I’ve killed the giant lord a few times and he seems to have the same health pool every time
They increase the bosses as they would normally increase in NG runs. I would imagine every boss would have HP scale upwards as you go up the NG cycle, so yeah, even if it feels the same, it's probably a bit more HP each time.
Stops scaling after intensity 7 or 8
I hope there was an ítem to undo an ascetic
What is done cannot be undone.