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Lets be honest here, who in their right mind would take the Rose over the Dual Scythes?
1. Multiple playthroughs. 2. Rose is the best low faith miracle catalyst in the game at +5 with 30 faith has a 166 spell buff which makes lightning blade and other spell buff scaling miracles quite effective at 30 faith.
The weapon art also increases the effectiveness of chimes/talismans by 20%, and doesn't have to be equipped for the effect to continue.
A faith build
Well a person not being of their right mind would take the rose wouldn't they? It'd be rather fitting actually.
I am a faith equality build, withy 35 faith the rose has far better spell buff than yorshkas not only but also I can Wack people with the rose and catch them off guard, decent damage to with 51 strength it can hit up to 300 with the club move set despite being a "whip" lol
Talk to Yuria of Londor after getting this soul for some bonus dialogue
Did you have soul in possession while talking to yuria?
Did you have Lord of hollows ending (or whatever yuria ending is) unlocked?
I'm wondering if something else is available with both the above criteria are met.
FUN FACT: If you try and sell this soul to the Handmaiden, she only offers you 2000 souls, instead of the 20,000 its worth.
This is the best kind of fact. It's so mindlessly trivial that I can already tell that of all the facts I'm going to go through this year, this is probably going to be the one that makes it into permanent memory
Just checked about this, and it's not the case anymore, she now offers 20,000 souls. Guess they did a mistake with the selling price.
poopy asses
Nibba Wat?
So when Yuria says "If thou wouldst, let it nourish they Lordship" does she mean using it on yourself? Like using the soul?
So she is an ashen one like us? Wouldnt that mean she tried to link the flame before, but why? Did she try to ursurp the flame but failed?



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It's anyone's guess.

But yours comes close. She probably did fail, and chose instead to focus on life in the cold harshness.

But more intriguing is that Slave Knight knew she was an Ashen One,