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Ultimate pleasure devise c:
With the heavy wind up, it's closer to the 'TIGER UPPERCUT' that Sagar uses
Bone fist has got the Shoryuken in DS1 and the Hadouken in DS2, next one will have the TETSUMAKINATSUPADADOSHI move
my question is... Do Gauntlets of Thorns stack with this weapon to output more dmg?
i did a test and yes it does dmg went from 88 to 105
gauntlets of thorns do not increase fist damage. Stop spreading misinformation
According to the wiki it does for the caestus and claws by 20 points but I'm not sure about the dragon bone fist
It is enchantable
Does dragon form increase its damage?
no but if you use the dragon roar with it , it gets an extra 5% damage boost from the normal 15% this is due to being a dragon weapon and they get extra damage with the buffs
Yes but no
Use the R2 on the Anal Rodeo Sentinels and shove your fist up their ***
Give them the Anal Rodeo, eh?
At +5 and 40 strength, the damage output on this is not great even with the S strength scaling.
Pretty sure that scaling is not 35%.
I just tested with 50 str:
+0 => 119%
+1 => 126%
+2 => 132%
+3 => 132%
+4 => 137%
+5 => 144%
Is the defense bonus listed correct?