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Not sure if it's been said, but when he rolls he's almost certainly going to shoot afterwards. Watch for any time he rolls instead of dashes
Y'know they could've made this guy a fun challenge by A. giving him no heals or B. limited bullets. But nah, they gave him heals and infinite bullets. All the other hunter fights were fun and balanced, a quick paced challenge, except this one. (All hunter battles except maybe the rifle spear + ludwig's rifle yahargul hunter near the grand cathedral)
He has only one vial, and every enemy hunter in the game has infinite bullets (most of them just have low enough bloodtinge that it isn't obnoxious). Djura, given the level you fight him, can easily shoot you to death, and the Yahar'gul Cannon guy USUALLY won't spam his cannon, but there's nothing in the game's programming preventing that, and he can sometimes shoot 5 times in a row. The real issue here is how he reads your inputs to gunparry you all the time, so you have to play reactively or else you just get parried. While some other enemy hunters do that to some extent, this guy does it constantly and it makes the fight take a long time and not be very fun. Well, unless you're using a DLC weapon, since he doesn't know the timing on those.
Looking at the comments, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the beast cutter. Sure, the beast cutter doesn't have the raw damage, but the range allows you to grind him into mincemeat from far away. Use high bloodtinge defense armor like maria's set, knight's set, or cainhurst set, as he will only be able to shoot you to hit you. The best attacks against him are (all of these are transformed moveset) backstep r2, dash r1, and regular r1. I usually keep my distance, use backstep r2s, when he gets close do 1 dash r1, and follow up with 1-2 r1s, back away, repeat. Hope this strat works for others too. Happy hunting.
fighting him at the stair is a lot easier cause he creates less distances if he quick stepping away from me
Seems like he has a harder time dodging/parrying dlc weapons. I wouldn't be surprised if he was coded with the timings for each main game weapon, but didn't have his AI updated for the dlc weapons so he reacts to them less precisely.