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They remind me of a certain enemy in DS3... could it be that.. Seath was trying to create angels for Gwyn but failed?
That would actually be pretty way more interesting than "Seath created them while taking a piss lmao"
And it's interesting to imagine he's creating something for Gwyn, it would mean that he took their alliance pretty seriously


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I would hate this boss a lot less if it had literally any lore other than "Seath threw all his magical dinner leftovers into a blender and this thing popped out"
For melee builds struggling with the fight, try using the light crossbow. While it doesn't scale with any stat, this isn't much of a problem early on and it's base damage increases by a huge amount when upgraded, going from 50 dmg at +0 to 145 dmg at +5.
If it flies over the wall and onto the side you came from, you can take cover behind the wall and stall for time.
You could try going back to the undead asylum to get the crest shield, which has 80% magic block and can be very useful for the fight.
Ray Beam is rarely used my ***. 3 times in a row is not rare
Ray beam never happened to me
it seems to me that fat rolling is actually ideal for this fight, as you'll stay ducked behind the edges of the wall for longer
And then the lazer beam comes
Thought this would be an easy fight but this boss is way tougher than butterflies irl
"If you have the Sunlight Spear Miracle, this fight will be as easy as pie" 50 FAITH