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Easy tip for his invasions if you keep dying: when he spawns just run past him until he stops following you, he'll lose interest and walk back to his starting location and stop giving his back to you, just walk to him, backstab him and repeat until he dies.
>lore: we can assume that cleric beasts were smaller We can read description of the Laurence's Skull to find out who was the first Cleric beast. Based on the size of Laurence's skull in the waking world plus the size of the First Vicar boss in the nightmare, we can assume that Cleric beasts can be either big or small. Or that size difference is just a simple convension.
Cleric beast is just a way of saying church beast though. So I’m sure there is a bunch of different sizes of cleric beasts
Cleric beasts are a result of excessive usage and dabbling with the old blood. Members of the church were uniquely heavy users of the blood, since they would offer blood healing via direct or nearly direct transfusion from themselves, and were also experimenting to ascend beyond humanity. It stands to reason that their size varies based on just how excessive their dabbling was, with Vicars like Laurence and Amelia becoming ENORMOUS, while church hunters probably became much smaller.
In a series where NPCs typically either don't care about you or just manipulate you to do their bidding, this guy decides "hey, I'm gonna bully this random guy for no real reason"
i think you need to listen to his dialogue bud, or read a goddamn item description
That was close, you almost understood a joke. Can't imagine what you call reading an item description if an internet comment is too hard



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If the joke was that he actually does have a reason, then it's no wonder the joke fell flat.
R2 on the Boomer hammer is very effective against him.
I found that for the first invasion past the underground corpse pile, him, like the church pick hunter you find there earlier, seems to not be able to enter Yamamura’s cell, (or that is at least out of Aggro range) so if you back into there the fight is super easy. Gives you a breather and lets you take him out with weak arc spells.
Imagine trying to murder someone like 4 times only for them to break down your door and 360 noscope you to death with a pebble
Anyone else think Brador is...well, a bit of a noob? His attire is an altered version of the foreign attire, which is what we start the game wearing, complete with awful stats on the parts not reinforced with beast hide. His tactics are among the worst of the enemy hunters we face as well. He very rarely, if ever, uses any attack besides basic R1's and uncharged R2's (I've never seen him use the L2 in any of my many playthroughs), and he has an embarrassing tendency to continue his r1 chain long after you're out of range, making him easy prey for interrupts and viscerals. He doesn't dodge much, preferring to trade hits, and he seems to have very little concept of strafing, moving mostly just forwards and occasionally dodging backwards (dodging mostly backwards is another behavior that can be considered noobish). My thought is that, while on his first hunt, Brador witnessed a church hunter become a minor cleric beast, and slew it. Not wanting the public to panic at the knowledge that beast hunters became among the most horrific beasts, the Healing Church coerced Brador into keeping quiet on the affair. Seeing the value of a hunter who would keep quiet on sensitive matters, they "promoted" him to church assassin in the nightmare, and gave him a weapon that would, supposedly, allow him to purge any beastliness from his blood, as well as a relentless, but silent bell. They knew he couldn't defeat an accomplished hunter in a single battle, but they trusted that his relentless invasions would eventually wear them down, as he did with Simon.