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Got one from the Dragon Barracks
What is that category "Parry Shield"? A class? Item? Don't see anything on the wiki that references that.
the buckler, the target shield, and the small leather shield are the only items in the game that classify as parry shields
Are you serious? Did you actually play the game? What kind of question is that? Parry tools/shields are so **** common.
parry shields have a very different parry animation from other small shields, they're pretty obvious
Ugh the drop rate on this shield. I've farmed it for two different characters - first time got it in about 10 minutes, and now I've been at it 2 hours with Symbol of Avarice, Gold Serpent +3, rusted coins, and crystal rapier. **** it, I'll use the Llewellyn.
very rare items - farm offline. after 3 tries not getting one - quit - reload - you will see the drop rate is much higher. I guess they have a timer/counter.

I noticed that if I didn't play for a week or so, I got drops here and there - after 5 minutes.... almost no drops anymore
I didn't even want this and it dropped from the first mob. Sold this useless POS. From should make it rarer so it didn't clutter my inventory.
What is the difference between this and the Llewellyn?
I've been farming this shield for about 2 hours and have gotten the following items...
Lothric set + sword and shield x3
4 titanite shards
6 raw gems
5 broken straight swords
At least 30 firebombs
Like 50 throwing knives
Over 40000 souls
And a broken will to live.
I farmed this with an avarice on and coin buffs most of the time, and I must have killed over 200 of those shield holders. Needless to say I'm done playing for the day...
I got three in an hour with 10 luck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whenever I do coop with a mage starter I drop one for em'
Two hours farming isnt long ive farmed for 10 hours straight before at the three ascended winged knights on top of the grand archives (the best soul farm in the game by far)
For posterity: I recommend farming the hollow soldiers at the second bonfire in High Wall of Lothric for this item. There are four hollows very near this bonfire which drop this shield. It may be fastest and most efficient to only kill two of them before returning to the fire, though -- the one that's 'asleep' to the side of the door leading to the mimic room, and then go into the mimic room, sprint-leap across to the other door, and kill the shield carrying soldier under the fire-breathing drake. Then homeward bone out, repeat.
I always get this just by progressing through the beginning of the game =p


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curiously enough, for me was the very first drop on my first plathrough whe just arrived on the High wall.
Can confirm offline helps (or maybe I was just lucky) but I switched to offline mode reloaded game got this drop on the first kill at high wall.
Stop spreading misinformation. “Can confirm” has lost all meaning.
he said he confirmed it....... y’all are so ungrateful smh
Except he only got lucky and it’s actually a complete lie
If you want this shield, it's easier to just have a friend pick the thief class and give it to you since it's a starting item.
This implies I have friends who like/play Dark Souls 3.....
I got this twice in a row at first stage of the game.
The shield of choice for any PVP tryhard.
shut up casul
I love how "good equipment choice for what you want to achieve" equals "tryhard" for twerps like this guy. There isn't a better Small Shield class shield for parrying than this because of its stability. This shield is the game's natural counter to R1 mashers. And it doesn't look ugly, so it satisfies fashion souls requirements. Why use anything else in the Small Shield class? There's no point.
Are the drop rates in lothric castle any better than in the high wall? Im losing my mine farming this
I farmed this shield and never got it then on my bleed build (Thief starting class) I got on my first kill WTF after that I stoped farming And started using CE to get anything (like those proof of concord kept)
Kys you pus5y
U are an actual idiot.
Worth upgrading. That stability is insane and will save you from an unexpected wide attack, great at setting up backstabs, or-of course- parries