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Aldrich's dream of an Age of Deep Sea... Could he be referencing this location?
No. They are totally separate universes.
The Deep refers to a vast collection of Humanity as opposed to one singular, berserk Humanity like the Abyss. It's not a sea of water, but a sea of Dark. Not everything has to link back to Dark Souls.
Ugh, that lame Game of Thrones reference...
Which one?
that "Winter is Coming" *******



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Basically, people are angry that other franchises exist.


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Is there a weird horn or something playing faintly by the wandering dude at the very beginning? There's too much other noise to distinguish what it even is for me.


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Oh, for the shark-giants in the well, use a shaman bone blade once the second giant drops from the ceiling and enters the fight. The first one will probably kill him and then end up with no health left. Just take him out and you're golden.
You ever notice how the water elevation at the beginning of the level (near the clocktower) is actually higher/deeper than where we find Kos? It's hard to tell at first since they're on opposite sides of a mountain, but if you look toward the moon from the rooftop behind the lighthouse, where Brador's bell starts ringing the first time, you can see a rock wall separating the village from the coast where Kos is, and the water in the village is clearly much higher than on the beach to the right... Don't know if it matters any, but it's a weird detail.
Honestly this place is boring and mostly not fun, trash loot dull enemies and not even alot of souls to get every mob is like 500
The Fishing Hamlet is the most different and awesome location in the game. The enemies are the opposite of dull, nothing like them in the whole series, and even if they had good echo drops, there would still be better places to farm. :(
Nah fam u just trollin
Shadow over innsmouth reference is cool
I think this is the most unique and unusual location of the souls borne series. It felt strange to explore a village of fishermans with rain and a semi covered yellow moon. I still don't understand why there are so many main masts in the water.
You can see the top of those masts from Nightmare Frontier
The "moon" seems to be a manifestation of the curse upon the Hunter's Nightmare. It's visible in the Hunter's Nightmare too, but upon defeating the Orphan of Kos, it vanishes from the sky in both locations. As for the masts, I suspect the hamlet had a fairly proud fishing fleet, but the ships were capsized either when Kos arrived in their waters, or when Kos died and her wrath was unleashed.
*tfw a blood starved beast has more blood echos than a shark giant*
When you're customizing your character, one of the origins, lone survivor, says the character was the lone survivor of a lost hamlet. I'm pretty sure it's referring to a different helmet, but it'd be interesting if it meant this one.