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How can we get out?


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Easily if you got the lordvessel first...
walking to the great hollow on the big brench starting near ash lake first bonfire, after that climb the great hollow until the bonfire on top and you are basicly in blighttown
Ash lake more like *** lake HA (imsorrypleaseforgivemefatherformysins)
Did someone notice the big skulls laying around in Ash Lake look like giant versions of Vamos head?


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It's most likely the skull of the blacksmith deity.
i love the notes and trivia section for this location lol
lazy written guide. gg fextra
This and the great hollow makes me think of Blighttown as a refugee shelter when I finally escape



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This place feels .. unfinished.
Wow, I finished the entire game twice without even knowing that this place and the great hollow existed.
I love this area. It’s aesthetic and music make it very atmospheric. I don’t know if it was intentional but it’s an example of achieving more with less and I think that’s fair to throw in occasionally as a surprise in a game like Dark Souls that’s packed with detail and high effort content!
"The flow of time itself is convoluted..." Hmm. I wonder if the Ask Lake, with it's present archtrees and the Everlasting Dragon, could actually be a link to the the Age of Archdragons. It wouldn't be the first that areas that are nearby physically turn out to be twisted in their reality of time and space within the lore ie. like how the "lands converge" in Dark Souls 3. Of course, there isn't much evidence to this theory, but the beginning cinematic suggests that all true dragons other than Seeth were killed and that the archtrees were destroyed. So, why are they here and how is such a large location with a wide open sky hidden away from view to the rest of Lordran (correct me if I'm wrong on that one)? Perhaps, like when we travel to Oolacile, time in the Dark Souls universe works as a traditional line, but all points upon that line are actually accessible if you know where to look/know how to access them.
For what I read on the last few days of playing DS 1 and because the location, its probably that the entire area is part of a graveyard of the archdragons, who is an underground space and isolated from Lordran. On the Tomb of the giants you can actually see the Ash lake and its apparently conected to Lost Izalith (area that have some kind of Dragon vestiges named the Bounding Demons), so Its maybe an area that barely survived the chaos flame from the Witch of Izalith.
I don't know from the lore of the other two DS games, so still I think its a good theory, but not linked to time travel but like an isolated space what almost anyone knows (with the exception of Catarina Knights and the player)