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If you took the shortcut and met Alexandar directly at the Academy, you can still pass the wall by dropping a teleportation pyramid behind it. The tunnel to the encampment remains dark (a glitch, I suppose), but you can safely cross it.
I can confirm. Just turn your camera behind the door and drop a pyramid and teleport. The tunnel is black, but you can get there.
Oh yeah, I like this quest a lot: destroyed Alexandar (by helping Gareth), for his "I didn't know bohoo" (doubt it) does not change the fact of slaughtering of all the mages and innocent by his "order", then, took his head to Sally, talked as Sebille and made her, HA, Noble/Scholar! Hell yeah. No more "outlaw" sht, as I am Chaotic Good. Then, destroyed Sally in his true, chicken, form, twice. Nice. And Purged his spirit. But wait, you can talk to the black mirror (do this before casting spirit vision) and say that "boss is busy but he said that the "Wordless" (from the Black Ring Camp) should be wiped out, obey", what the hell, awesome. Then, if you have Red Prince with you, you can see his loved Princess in other mirror. And in other two you see dude in shining armour (Paladins? Some King or knight?) and noble rich woman dwarf (the Queen of Dwarves?), dude, I love this game for little details. And then, loot the hell out of the place, finding the Swornbreaker part (and some proof about dwarf Queen). For the extra XP you can both talk with Sallow Man's spirit for the combination and then eat his arm as an elf.
(In continuation) And, don't hesitate to take part in the fight (when you leave the cave, they will be fighting if you talked with the dude in the mirror about Wordless), exp and loot are highest quality, literally, found 10 tomes of highest tier spells in total, like Apotheosis and all elemental rains. But don't attack with AOE, take side, attack only this Wordless, and half that is fighting her will aid you. You can wait until their health is low (maybe until some are dead, less exp, but more loot, if you don't want to agro everybody), and then take the part in the fight.
Thank you! I all most missed the Sallow spirit, eat hand and the red princess mirror!
Killed the Shadow Prince, no hood. Convinced Gareth to not kill Alexandar and left without talking to Alex and now he's in the Archives and I can't get to the Sallow Man. WAT.
I didn't even manage to talk to Gareth, found him already dead, went to archives, teleported Alexandar to the top (Only he attacked), killed him, got both his head and the cowl, went to slaughter Sallow man and his men. :)
If you're having trouble killing the troll: you can teleport him into the lava and instakill him.


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Yup. But make sure you're in combat with him first, or you get no EXP for some reason.
I really just teleported enemies on lava you got to hit that sweet spot where the range is applicable for teleportation
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Alexander drops the Cowl of True Sight . If you allready had the elf eat Alexanders Head you can use this items ability on the wall behind the Altar in the cave to pass .
Sallowman wants me to kill all my godwoken companions. Is Lohse godwoken or something?
You do realise all your companions are godwoken and serving their respective God. You can convince them to let you ascend or not
I just blocked the pallisade gate with boxes and stood on top of the ledge nuking them all and casting summons to keep them in line of sight. Sallow Man did end up teleporting up once the other 3 black ring members died.
Lava cheese