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I think a couple of mini bosses are missing. The pyromancer that attacks you for example before bed of chaos or the worm in blighttown where you find power within. Also in sen's fortress the giants are not respawning except the one with loads the rocks.
I think the pyromancer before bed of chaos respawns, and blighttown worm and giants are listed as "enemies"
The Witch before the bed of bad boss design does not respawn, she is one of the Daughters of Chaos.
And the crystal dude in the dukes archives
the undead dragon is easy. you need to unlock a door right inside one of the towers in new londo, then you walk forward a little bit. there will be 3 items. one is the astoria strait sword, one is a humanity, and one is a soul cannister. but when you collect one of the items, the dragon will wake up, then you run away and shoot it up with a ton of fire arrows(you will need to have traveled to the lower part of the undead burg and open the door to the female undead merchant.
"Minibosses", lol. A few of these are just slightly more difficult enemies than the standard losers that die in 1-2 hits. I guess the only reason the ones that seem like they would respawn dont respawn is how disgustingly much backtracking there is in dark souls 1 and that you HAVE to rest at bonfires to spawn at them after death, and the ability to warp is minimal and only in late game.



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Who cares that you have to backtrack? I for one like the idea that you actually have to unlock the warping ability instead of being able to warp right off the bat. And that’s also how you can tell the difference between people that have played either ds2 or ds3 before the first



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I played DS3 and Bloodborne first, however, I agree with you @Rayray . I appreciate the mechanics of this game as well as fast travel being a reward for defeating one of the most amazing bosses.
Oof, so your a ds2 fan I assume? Please leave your opinions on reddit. (btw, i know ds3 has warp from the start, but it's funnier if i complain about ds2.)
Haha you dumb piece of*****. Go troll somewhere else lowlife.
Finding a shortcut eliminates backtracking and those arr freaking Everywhere. Seems to me you just failed to explore properly and ended up backtracking a lot because of it.